About Us

We started the ‘Dylan Quick Foundation’ to honor and remember our son, Dylan, while supporting families fighting pediatric cancer.

Dylan endured an excruciating 5-year battle with Ewing's Sarcoma. After the first couple years, he began talking about ways to pay forward all the support and generosity he and our family received. Shortly after Dylan’s passing in January 2019, Gary and I decided a foundation in Dylan’s name would truly honor his wishes.

Having experienced childhood cancer first-hand, we understand just how incredibly stressful it is on families. If the diagnosis and fight aren’t tough enough, fighting cancer quickly drains a family’s resources. It truly takes a supportive community to keep fighting.

The first year Dylan was diagnosed, we survived on one income and the generosity of others. What costs so much, you ask?

  • The endless and unexpected hospital stays
  • Traveling to planned and unplanned doctor visits
  • Traveling around the state (Greenville, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh) and throughout the east coast (Boston & New York) for treatments
  • Eating out; as healthy as we could
  • Hospital bills (tens of thousands of dollars)

While all of this is very stressful, the only concern you have is taking care of your child.

THIS is why we have started the ‘Dylan Quick Foundation’—we understand because we lived it.


To support children affected by cancer and enable families to FIGHT!


Dylan Quick Foundation envisions a world in which children kick cancer's ASS and no family loses a child to this disease. Until then, “Today We FIGHT!”

Today: One day at a time; one battle at a time
We: You, your family, friends, doctors, nurses
FIGHT: We don’t give up, we don’t give in!


Core Values

Love. Each child and their family deserve nothing less than love and compassion as they fight.

Inspire. Like Dylan’s positive spirit and charismatic smile inspire so many people--inspire the fight.

Value. Cherish every moment with one another--life is precious.

Encourage. Dylan refused to let cancer dictate how he lived! In his own immortal words, "We Got This...We Got This!"


All proceeds to the Dylan Quick Foundation will be put into action within eastern and central North Carolina areas to support families of children affected by cancer and further fund raising efforts.
The Foundation is an approved 501(c)(3) organization per IRS guidelines.
Tax ID# 83-3836998


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